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Offering a refreshingly unique proposition, high quality products and great value prices our water is served in hundreds of premium establishments throughout the Uk


Always bottled at the source, our premium Fresh water is pure, English spring water of the finest quality.


Without compromising on quality, we will guarantee the best prices to provide the finest water available.


To ensure the smoothest service, we have 24/7 customer service with water delivered directly from the spring.


There is a unique sandstone geology beneath our Spring that is responsible for the subtle blend of minerals and our crystal clear water. Excellent composition and superior taste combine to create a premium award winning spring water.

Sourced over 35 metres below protected land, our water is naturally filtered by layers of rock on its journey to the surface, giving it a pure crisp taste

  • Our water is bottled in our state of the art factory and is tested daily.
  • We offer both still and a carbonated water (which can be made to your exact requirements).
  • Our water and factory is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards.
  • Our water is supplied fresh with a minimum of 18 months shelf life.
  • The pH Value of the water is typically 7.8.
  • A detailed breakdown of the water content carried out by an independent laboratory is available on request to all customers.

Comapny Registered in England and Wales 
Black Horse Chamber Tyldesley, M29 8DG